Customer Service

Your customers typically don’t leave you because of poor products; they leave you because of poor quality service in 70% of cases. (Forum Research)

Gartner Group tells us that 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers. Therefore we can conclude that around half of your future profits depend on the quality of your service.

Yet customer service is the redheaded stepchild to new customer acquisition and upselling existing customers in many companies.

Your company may not have a perfect product, it breaks sometimes or people can’t figure out how to use it and they need help. Your customers may not have invested the time to learn how to use it. But your goal is to serve your customers by helping them resolve their issues in a timely fashion - ideally in one telephone or email inquiry.

Poor agent knowledge is no longer an excuse for untimely and unresponsive customer service where your customers determine timelines and freely air dissatisfaction.

So what should you be doing to help customers help themselves and customer service reps, (CSR's) to find relevant information instantly?

WittyParrot is an intelligent content delivery platform that delivers the right content (not more, not less) right at the CSR's fingertips in the form of Wits (reusable content blocks) that CSR's can click to read, drag and drop into emails or letters to use. WittyParrot augments customer service training through keyword search and tagging strategies that provide relevant content to improve customer responsiveness. 

Customer Support

Capturing and Structuring Content for Reuse

Improving customer service is predicated on learning what works, accumulating and sharing best practices and making them easily accessible:

  • Capture the scripts that have been proven to work in serving customers over the phone,
  • Capture recommendations that have provided quicker and correct resolution,
  • Harvest best examples of letters and emails to customers that work,
  • Capture other situational and anecdotal information that is relevant.

Once these best practices are identified, they can be chunked-down into reusable knowledge components, indexed, tagged and made available by keyword search in the context of the inquiry.

By analyzing usage and identifying what does and doesn’t work, we can learn about the real problems our customers are facing, the underlying issues and how to resolve their problems quickly.

With WittyParrot, you can free yourself from template answers and find or assemble a response that will precisely address the concerns of your customers and improve First Call Resolution (FCR)s, and Customer Satisfaction Ratings, (CSAT’s).

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