Lower your Cost of Sales with Intelligent Content

How Content Impacts Sales


This Webinar was recorded on April 17th 2014, presented by Jim Burns of Avitage.

Intelligent content describes both structured and unstructured content that is self-identifying, easy to find, use, reuse, adapt and re-purpose.

Intelligent content when combined with WittyParrot has profound implications in marketing, sales and customer-facing applications and addresses key shortcomings in sales and channel-sales applications by delivering relevant content to salespeople at the point-of-use and moment-of-need.

WittyParrot makes it easy to create, tag, manage, maintain and share intelligent content.

This Webinar is broken into chapters to make it easier to consume, with additional material added to the appendix.

Short Sales Story

The Problem At Three Levels

Avitage Case Example

Avitage Use of Witty Parrot

Conclusion and Three Recommended Actions




Witty Parrot General Overview

New Content Insertion Process

Virtual Document “ComboWit” Explained

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