WittyParrot Content Delivery Platform
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How do I know WittyParrot is for me?


Endless Searching?

Do you ever find yourself searching through emails, old documents, articles, blogs, or web pages for those nuggets of brilliance you used in a previous communication or deliverable?


Asking Experts?

Are you and/or your teams constantly picking up your phone to subject matter experts or other knowledge owners when you get customer requests or encounter support issues?


Hunting on Portals?

If you’re in Sales, do you spend a lot of time on portals hunting for content, and then struggling to search through documents for just the right piece of information?


Cut/Copy/ Paste?

Once you locate content, do you ever lose time by struggling to repurpose it through laborious cut, paste, reformat, and save as?


Locked in Documents?

If you’re in Marketing, do you lack a single place where your content assets can be stored as information components (not just documents) that everyone can access and reuse across all marketing campaigns and communications?


Extended Network?

Do you maintain content that people in your extended organization (partners, affiliates, representatives) need updated access to without sending out email updates and lots of documents?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, WittyParrot can help you TODAY, without any programming or technical skills.


Sales Enablement

Whether in inside sales, field sales, or channel partners, salespeople need rapid access to sales-ready content without having to wade through portals, search through documents, or call up subject matter experts for answers. Customers want precise responses to their questions today, not documents attached to emails.

With WittyParrot, salespeople simply drag and drop targeted, approved content into emails, RFIs/RFPs, slide presentations, SOWs, proposals, and social media posts.

Sales Enablement Tool
Human Resources Productivity Tool

Talent Acquisition

Human Resources professionals are constantly communicating with candidates, new hires, and existing employees. But they’re often reinventing the wheel, leading to mixed messages and wasted time.

WittyParrot helps HR teams stay focused and productive, giving them centralized tools to amplify the brand in a consistent and repeatable way.

Customer Service

WittyParrot is ideally suited to providing customer support representatives with immediate access to contextually relevant problem resolutions.

Problem resolution Wits can be easily dragged and dropped into chat windows, emails, or internal applications, complete with analytics on top problems and resolutions.

Customer Service Solution Tool
Marketing Messaging Tool

Marketing & Messaging

Marketing teams and agencies have reams of content used for campaigns, social media, as well as internal and external documents and communications. However, much of this information is spread across multiple repositories and not easily shareable, reusable, or updateable.

WittyParrot provides a centralized content store that can easily accommodate componentized assets such as images, videos, ads, messaging chunks, and social media posts that are freed from documents

Personal Productivity

If you're like most busy professionals, a large part of your day is spent crafting communications and searching for content to use in them. The challenge is that the information is rarely at your finger tips, and when you do find it, you need to do a lot of work to make it fit the intended purpose.

WittyParrot simplifies all this by cataloging your frequently used emails and knowledge chunks, making them easily reusable with just a simple drag and drop. WittyParrot can even search through all of your past work and capture those 'bits of brilliance' that mean the most to you, making them immediately accessible and applicable to your future tasks.

Personal Productivity Tool




Instantly access & reuse relevant information on any device to
save time



Share best practices across teams to improve performance and consistency



Align sales & marketing messaging, maintain freshness of content, track usage



How WittyParrot Content Delivery Platform Works