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What Clients Say?

The WittyParrot widget gives us instant access to data and content on the desktop, quickly and easily. You don’t have to FIND and DIG for files and then attach them.

Diane Johnson,

Senior Manager, Global Talent Acquisition, Citirx

We have been using WittyParrot for quite a while now and have found that it is very user friendly, and has allowed us to keep the information used for RFI's up to date, this is due to the fact that editing Wits is quick and easy. Uploading of information is also very straightforward and quick to do. We are looking forward to using the new features such as bulk upload and expiry dates, which will all help to ensure that the information is current for all users.

Gemma Clamp,

Pricing Specialist, ERT Ltd.

WittyParrot is a powerful and innovative knowledge automation and context-aware collaboration platform that improves the productivity and ensures the consistency of knowledge across the organization. We are implementing WittyParrot as a single repository to manage all the regulatory compliance related information up to date from various agencies. All the internal stake holders go to WittyParrot as a one stop to access compliance related information.

Manish Vipani,

VP and Chief Architect, Enterprise Architecture, Kaiser Permanente

As we deployed WittyParrot in our Service Desk, the product quickly established itself as a Game Changer for our workflow and service needs. WittyParrot has helped establish a truly secure, consistent, and synchronized “system of record” while enabling our user notification processes to become more individualized and focused.

Andrew Bereczky,

SVP & CIO, Zenith Education Group

Outbound communication is at the heart of what we do. WittyParrot helps us streamline our communications in a highly-personalized fashion, and at scale. This is one of those tools that you don’t know you need it until you see it. Once you see it, you wish why you didn’t come across this earlier

Karl Post,

President, Hayzlett Group

I am very impressed with WittyParrot. A tool like WittyParrot is so useful and valuable that you have to scratch your head and wonder why no one created it yet! I see many uses for it, beyond the obvious email/ SOW/ Marketing uses

Val Swisher,

Founder & CEO, Content Rules, Inc.